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Our proven track record of excellence as well as solid and trusted network within corporates, media, academia, venture investments, and professional service partners in NYC and other parts of the US makes New York International a preferred partner for international entrepreneurs, multi-national corporations and cities – especially when it comes to:

  • Re-thinking strategy & implementation
  • Fueling innovation
  • Enabling international collaboration & expansion

What matters in New York City will soon matter in the world.

New York International leverages the city’s trend-leading position for the benefit of citizens, businesses, and political decision makers alike.


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Re-thinking strategy & implementation

Featured recent and ongoing projects:

We assess needs, strengths and weaknesses within specific industries and markets.


Our research and analysis of industries culminate in initiatives and thought papers with actionable recommendations for the development of the sectors.

World to NYC

As the strategic and organizing partner of the NYCEDC, NY Intl developed recommendations for program design and implementation for the World to NYC (W2NYC) – Global Industry Challenge to invite the most innovative companies from around the world and bring “the world’s opportunities to all New Yorkers.”

Austrian Trade Commission

Consulting the Austrian Trade Commission on best practices for international collaboration between New York City and Vienna as well as program planning and support for events such as the annual investor and business conference, the annual Vienna study trip, and regular events in New York City around the topic of international investment in Austria.

New York International

Re-thinking strategy & implementation

New York International’s expertise and network provides entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations not only with innovative strategies but also access points to implement them efficiently.

Further services revolve around:
  • Competitive analysis
  • Gap analysis and positioning
  • Office establishment
  • Developing partner networks and global outreach strategies

Fueling innovation

New York City has an unparalleled capacity to enable and accelerate innovation that affects life and business globally. Entrepreneurs, brands, decision makers and influencers from all over the world are leveraging the city’s trend-leading position to gain or maintain their competitive edge.

Featured recent and ongoing projects:

For one of the largest global telecommunications companies, New York International conducts product testing and benchmark analysis leveraging the world’s most diverse test-market at our doorstep: New York City.

New York International conducts business analysis and development for the venture department of one of the largest global retail groups, which has already resulted in strategic investments in NYC-based startups.

“New York City is where the future comes to audition.”
– former NYC Mayor Ed Koch
“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”
– Frank Sinatra
New York International

Fueling innovation

Ideas, partners, speed: We believe that businesses need to scale faster and cheaper to maintain or regain their competitive edge. New York International has a solid and trusted network within corporates, media, academia, venture investments, and professional service partners in NYC and other parts of the US, allowing companies to leverage their capabilities more effectively.

Further services revolve around:
  • Strategic gap analysis and scouting
  • Technology evaluation
  • Valuation
  • Investment negotiations
  • Implementation

Enabling international collaboration & expansion

Featured projects:

NY Intl facilitates strategic global partnerships between government organizations as well as private institutions to increase the flow of international idea exchange and innovation, and easing the way for innovative companies to expand abroad.

Berlin Partner

Initiated by NYIntl and hosted together with the American Council on Germany and the German Consul General, the Transatlantic Entrepreneur Partnership (TEP) connects transatlantic entrepreneurs, investors, media, and policy makers culminating in a three-day event each year.


Driving International Aspirations: NY Intl organizes the International Week, an event series on rapid international expansion co-hosted by the Brooklyn Borough President. Together, we can enable companies to grow internationally, serve more people, listen, learn, educate, build and foster communities, make a difference for society as a whole.


On behalf of the Canadian Economic Development Agency New York International organized a social impact summit which brings Canadian social entrepreneur startups to New York City for a two day event to meet with potential partners, mentors, and investors. In a previous project we brought together startups and opinion leaders in the ad tech space for a day long showcase session.

New York International

Enabling international collaboration & expansion

At New York International we provide an ongoing platform for entrepreneurs, investors, media, and political decision makers to learn from each other and enable internationalization at speed.

Further services revolve around:
  • Definition, organization, and management of innovative programs from community events to international conferences
  • Global sponsor and partner outreach and coordinating
  • Editorial services and content management
  • PR strategies and digital marketing
  • (Virtual) On-boarding programs

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